Monday, May 27, 2013

Just Life | My Favorite Chairs At Home

My totally staged reading corner

Do you have a favorite chair at home who calls your name as soon as you get home?

I have two of those chairs at home.

Years ago, when we bought our house, I had this fantasy about turning one of the spare bedrooms into a library. 

In my mind, I imagined a wall to wall library with a fancy-nancy dark green leather couch right in the middle of the room.

But the reality turned out to be a totally different story. I now proudly call a corner wall on the second floor hallway as my private library. 

Welcome to the hallway library. 

This library consists of a pink lazy chair with a small side table. The table contains a variety of books and magazines at all times. The chair was a baby shower present from my old co-workers from McGeorge Law Library.

This hallway is the perfect location for reading. It has plenty of natural light and it is blessed with beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

I should, however, at least decorate my corner library.

Don't you think so?

My other favorite piece of furniture is our living room couch. 

It is perfect for taking a nap or watching television. This couch is magical. It is fluffy and comfy and impossible for reading. 

Everytime I try to read while sitting on this couch, the book ends up taking a nap on my tummy after a short period of time. I avoid this couch at all cost whenever I have important things to do around the house.

So where is your favorite chair/couch at home?

Here are a few library books if you need to spruce up your living space.

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Signing off until next Monday- Panteha


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  1. I put a comfy rocking chair in the north-facing front window of our house, intending it to be my reading spot. Trouble is, I never find time to sit down and read. At least not when the sun is up. So I mostly read in bed, if I can stay awake.