Thursday, May 30, 2013

Book Bucket List | San Francisco

I've been feeling antsy lately, so I've decided to take a day trip.  Luckily, I'm only a short drive away from the Bay Area, where I know I can find something interesting to take up my time.  So this week I'll be featuring some of our SF area travel guides and maybe I'll find something to go do this weekend.

Hidden San Francisco & Northern California features a lot of places that wouldn't be considered "touristy".  Ray Reigert focuses on restaurants, hotels, and places that are frequented by locals and are not as well known.  He highlights a lot of walking tours that features places full of local interest and history.  This would be perfect for someone, like me, who is familiar with the area but is looking for something new.

San Francisco : America's guide for architecture and history travelers really focuses on the major cultural and historical landmarks of the city.  Coit Tower, the De Young Museum, and obviously the Golden Gate Bridge are all featured with the other "must see" landmarks in the city.

If you're into gardening, pick up The garden lover's guide : San Francisco bay Area.  Everything from parks and gardens are featured, along with the best nurseries, supply stores, and even gardening bookstores in the area.  It also gives information about joining gardening clubs,  contests, and gardening shows.

Though I'm tempted to catch a ballgame, I'll be using some of these to find something new to do in the city.  We also have a ton of other travel books about local and more exotic locations that will help you plan your next trip.

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