Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Wanderlust Librarian | Couch Surfing After a Big Meal

It's Thanksgiving Day and there is no better way to rest off all of that delicious food by settling down into your favorite chair and reading a good book. I've already traveled to my holiday destination, so it's time for me to engage 2nd favorite post-meal activity : reading and (possibly) sleeping while reading.

There are places that, in theory, would be amazing to go to but due to various limitations (money, time or physical prowess), are better to visit in a book. I have a handful of favorite "Dangerous Reads" that fill my need for adventure without leaving the safety of my couch.

Into Thin Air by John Krakauer chronicles the author's quest to climb Mount Everest. This book isn't without some deaths, danger and amazing peril. While reading, I continued to look at the pictures of the of the camp and other team members to remind myself of who I was reading about or what the terrain was like.  To be honest, I felt quite guilty reading this under some warm covers with hot cocoa nearby.

Relax on your comfortable chair and read a book about a woman who travels to discover her true self. I'm proud to say that I read Eat, Pray, Love before it had been Oprah Suggested. The cover in the bookstore intrigued me. I don't see many mainstream books that refer to Indonesia.  Am I interested in doing this? Yes yes and YES! Do I have the money or the time right now? No. No.. and *cry* no. I've been only to Bali (Gilbert's last stop in the book) and it is everything she describes it to be.  

Fun Fact: My dad's niece plays the main Balinese woman (Nyomo) in the movie version with Julia Roberts!

Even though I enjoy traveling, I am always thankful to be home with my family. There is no better place to be after having exciting adventures. 

Have a happy Thanksgiving, loyal readers! 

Adventure is out there...but there's no place like home!

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