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Here's a mystery for you! Who is Carolyn Keene?

Everyone has probably heard of the amateur detective Nancy Drew. The series has been in publication (off and on) since 1930. However, while the books list the author as Carolyn Keene in reality there is and never has been such a person! Since the creation of the series, the books have been written by different freelance writers using the same pseudonym. The brainchild behind Nancy Drew was actually writer/publisher Edward Stratemeyer, who had previously used the same technique to launch The Hardy Boys series in 1927.

The original Nancy Drew (1930-2003) has a total of 175 books to it's name. Nancy Drew, Girl Detective (2004- ) was created as it's replacement and still going strong today.  There have also been several teen-oriented Nancy Drew series, including The Nancy Drew Files #1-124 (1986-1997) and Nancy Drew on Campus #1-25 (1995-1998).  Of course, there were also series aimed at younger kids. The Nancy Drew Notebooks #1-69 (1994-2005) and it's replacement series Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew (2006- ) feature a pre-teen Nancy Drew and crew solving mysteries.


Nancy Drew has also made several big and small screen appearances since it's launch. Warner Brothers made four Nancy Drew movies starring Bonita Granville in the 1930s, and one movie, Nancy Drew (2007), starring Emma Roberts in the 2000s. There was also a Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys television show in the 1970s and a television movie in 2002, both on ABC.

Some would assume that the kids these days only gravitate towards the newer version of Nancy Drew, but we've found that the kids enjoy them all. If your child likes mysteries then check out Miss Nancy Drew!

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