Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Wanderlust Librarian | Grace Cathedral Hill

The holidays are coming up fast! It's already November and I've got a lot of shopping to do! Take advantage of the season and explore the cities you shop in! 

Last year for Christmas, I was gifted with an overnight stay at the San Francisco treasure, Fairmont Hotel. It's a beautiful hotel on the crest of Nob Hill. It shares real estate across from the iconic Mark Hopkins InterContinental. 

Fun Fact: The Penthouse suite at the at the Fairmont was featured in the Nicolas Cage movie, The Rock (1996).

Sad Fact: My room was not the Penthouse suite.  

Nob Hill also shares space with Grace Cathedral. It is the subject of a song by The Decemberists. I wax nostalgic about San Francisco when I hear it!  

It's amazing just how quiet San Francisco gets on Christmas morning. I was stunned by the silence when I went to take a walk that morning. Since most everything was closed, I expected to take a hearty jaunt to Van Ness Street to search for a moderately priced breakfast but was pleasantly surprised to see the Cable Cars working! Added bonus: the cable car stopped right in front of the hotel. The rides normally cost 5.50 for a one way trip, but that morning... it was FREE! I rode for FREE! (yes, while I do like to travel... I am also a sucker for an amazing deal!) Being the information hound, I went and checked out San Francisco's Cable Cars by Joyce Jansen so I could learn the story behind this historic transportation system.  

If you ever get the chance, enjoy the City on a Sunday and listen to the world wake up.  

As a bonus to my loyal blog readers, here's a video of my room at the Fairmont! Enjoy and happy travels! 



  1. I used to live right on Nob Hill!!! There is a tiny little street just north of the Fairmont Hotel. Christmas indeed is quiet and the little park is pretty with its Christmas lights in the bare trees. That bed looks super comfy! Ahh San Francisco how I miss you. Thanks for the fun blog!

  2. The neighborhoods around Nob Hill are simply charming! Thank you for the kind words about my blog! I go to San Francisco a lot, so you'll see more blogs about one of my favorite cities.