Saturday, November 3, 2012

Books On Film | Alex Cross

For the month of November, we'll talk about several mystery/suspense novels that made the jump from books to movies starting with James Patterson's Alex Cross series.

CrossThere are a total of eighteen books and three movies in the Alex Cross series. The series follows Cross, a forensic psychologist and homicide detective, as he works to solve crimes committed by serials killers, mobsters, and more.

The first book, Along Came A Spider, was adapted into film in 1993 and the second book, Kiss The Girls, was adapted into a film in 1997. Both films started actor Moran Freeman as Alex Cross.

The third Alex Cross movie is out in theaters now after a fifteen year break. This movie not only changes the actor playing Alex Cross (now Tyler Perry), but also the sequence in which the books are adapted. The third movie is not based on the third book in the series. It's actually based on the twelfth book titled Cross.

If you like watch crime shows and read murder mysteries this might be the series for you!

Alex Cross (2012) Trailer:
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