Tuesday, March 3, 2015

She's Crafty | Macramé

According to a few craft blogs, macramé will be making a big comeback in 2015. Macramé is one of those classic crafts that's never really out of style yet seems to go in and out of mega-popularity in regular intervals.

This is macramé.

Macrame by decor8 holly. Some Rights Reserved.

Turquoise Bead Bracelet by sunlizard. Some Rights Reserved.

You know, just in case you have never come face to face with a friendship bracelet, macramé purse, hanging plant-holder, choker, or more macramé owls than you ever thought possible.

The neat thing about a classic craft becoming popular and trendy is that more books might be written, classes might start to popping up, and those who jumped on the macramé band wagon the last time will most likely feel their interest renewed and bring their experience along with them to share with beginners.

I haven't macraméd (is that a word?) in quite a few years. The last time I tied a square knot I was making bracelets out of waxed cotton cord with fun art glass beads. Now that I have reminded myself that macramé exists I do find myself intrigued in a few new projects.

The YouTube channel Macrame School features many wonderful video tutorials that show viewers from start to finish, and through every knot, how to make beautiful macrame jewelry. I'm a sucker for jewelry and found two necklaces that I can't wait to make. It helps that the videos are well made and surprisingly relaxing! The music is soothing and although there is no dialogue, the video is shot and edited in a way that makes the tutorial easy to follow. There are so many videos to watch from this channel I could easily get sucked in for hours.

I'm excited to see what renewed interest will bring to the macramé craft. What trends might surface. For now, we just have to wait and see if the trendsetters and crafty forecasters are right.


We can have some fun, make some trends, and blaze our own trails!

Happy crafting!

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