Monday, March 2, 2015

Just Life| How do dinosaurs go to school

Jane Yolen has written some great picture books about dinosaurs. The very first time I came across one of her books, I was so impressed. 

I love the rhyming in her books and the dinosaur pictures are just extraordinary.

These dinosaur picture books are short and sweet and perfect for bedtime stories. 

So, if you have a little dinosaur lover at home, check out one of these picture books. Your little one is going to like it a lot.

The pictures in these books are so vivid and brilliant and the words are so simple but melodic. 

So check out one of these books from your local library for your little dinosaur lover at home.

How do dinosaurs say I'm mad?

How do dinosaurs go to school? 

How do dinosaurs get well soon?  

How do dinosaurs say good night

Also, if your child loves dinosaurs, check out this cool website. You can even search for dinosaurs by country of origin.

Dino Directory

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