Thursday, February 19, 2015

She's Crafty | Bright and Fearless Decorating

Are you craving an immediate change to your interior decor? Do you feel as though a few spaces in your life need a mega dose of color and a touch of whimsy? Are you stumped as to how to pull a colorful room together? Well, my answer is yes to all three so I pulled two books off the shelf in hopes of getting some inspiration for home and office decor.

Feast your eyes on these book covers:

Beautiful, right?!

Bold too. Both of these books have style ideas that reach way beyond the average or typical.

If you want to get some pattern mixing inspiration I suggest checking out Decorate Fearlessly. As you can plainly see on the cover, a space can exist that mixes over a dozen different patterns and it will still work. Also, your pug will most likely approve the combination. Although my brain can't handle that much pattern mixing, I did enjoy the creative texture and color combinations featured in the book. Almost every single one I would have never thought of before.

Kitchen decor from Decorate Fearlessly.

The next book, Bright Bazaar, is bold and whimsical. The focus of the book is on learning to use colors and textures effectively for a style that is one-of-a-kind. Will Taylor packs Bright Bazaar with inspirational case studies, tons of tips, and plenty of ideas.

Looking at bright colors and white walls in Bright Bazaar.

Many of the spaces Taylor features in his book contain decorative objects that are obviously DIY and not something you can find at the store. Taylor doesn't give step-by-step instructions for the pieces but if you're the crafty sort you can probably figure out how to replicate what you see. Like the wall string art below.

Be forewarned, walls, I realllly like this idea!

Geometric Gems from Sea Lemon DIY
Now for some DIY. Sea Lemon is one of my favorite craft gurus. She uploads video tutorials to YouTube and I discovered her while researching how to make bound books. She uploaded a video recently showing viewers how to construct 3D geometric gems to display on the wall or set on a table, which is perfect for me since I can't get enough geometric designs in my life and I have a thing for simple line representations of gems.

I see a great many of these gems in my future. if you're interested in finding out how to make these wall gems, click here for the youtube tutorial. All you need is some wooden dowels, hot glue, and some paint. I was able to find all the stuff I need to make all four designs at my local craft store.


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