Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Wanderlust Librarian | Keep me away from Japantown!

Places that make my heart go pitter-pat:

Office Depot. 
Office Max. 

I know it sounds weird, but I love office supplies. At a young age, my parents always encouraged me to write letters and Thank You notes. When we would visit Indonesia (often for 2-3 months at a time), I would buy pens, notebooks and stationery from Japan (readily and cheaply available to me!). My friends would often get gifts of erasers shaped like food, cool pencils (with fun designs and no erasers) and fun papers with cartoon animals on them upon my return to the United States. Needless to say, this obsession did not wane as I grew older. 

In fact... it grew. 

My friends often make fun of me because I carry a pencil case in my purse. No, not a metal one...but one with a zipper. I believe that one should always have a writing utensil at the ready. 

See? A pen (and some pencils) for
EVERY occasion
My motto: 
A pen for every occasion!! 

They may make fun of me, but my friends also know they can count on me for writing tools. 
One of my favorite places to go is Japantown. I can always count on a delicious meal and adorable things to look at. This trip to Los Angeles was no different. My favorite (and ONLY) Japanese bookstore I love the most is Kinokunia. This bookstore chain has locations in major cities around the United States but I've only visited the Los Angeles and San Francisco locations. The offerings in the stores are the same: Japanese books, toys, DVDs, stationery and tools for writing. 
Ginger Broth
Fried rice for breakfast?
Acceptable in Asia!! :D 

It's hard to be an adult. Especially an adult who likes cute things. Kinokunia was the apex of my office supply love. No... I take that back. These weren't merely office supplies... they were my destiny and my desk just HAD to have them all! Look at what I was up against! 

Asian notebooks!!! 

Books of tiny book-related stamps! 

I am proud to say I only spent about $30 that day on some little things for friends and a cloth bag for me. This doesn't mean that I won't be back to spend more money, it just gives me a little space between all those cute things and when I return to assess IF I really need them. Try to contain yourself when you see how awesome everything is! 

 Bookmarks: cuter than a
napkin, but more expensive!

Every. Color of Pen. I drool.

Japanese Pens

Pen cases for every occasion! 

Holy cow... MORE STAMPS! 

Zentangle is awesome!
So are these pens! 
So MANY cute sticky notes!! 


  1. I am not ashamed to admit that I share your same obsession. I've been keeping myself away from the stores so I don't over indulge. My daughter, on the other hand, squeals when we enter the store and continues squealing until we leave. passing on the tradition!
    Fatima D

  2. I also had a "office supply" craving. That is why I only go in to those types of stores when I HAVE to get something replaced, or I would be there, going down every isle, for poss. hours. I will even go to "office supply" store for craft project supplies and ideas. Next best thing to Joann's or Micheal's.
    Shirley M