Thursday, July 3, 2014

Book Bucket List | Kindred

Happy July!  The beginning of July marks the half way point of the summer reading program.  Throughout the system, we've had many fun and exciting programs and thousands of books read by out patrons!  (If enough books are read by July 31, some lucky library staff members will get a pie in the face, so keep on reading!)  This year's theme is "Fizz, Boom, Read!" celebrating science.  So I figured this is the perfect time to read a book that's been on my bucket list for awhile.

Kindred by Octavia Butler is technically classified as a science fiction novel.  The story follows the strange experiences of Dana, a writer living in the 1970's.  However, she starts getting transported back in time to a pre-Civil War Maryland plantation where her ancestors are kept as slaves.  Somehow, she starts going back and forth through time between the present and the past.  As her trips back in time start to get longer and longer, she gets tangled in the conflicts that her ancestors had to face in their daily lives.  Kindred is often used in schools and reading programs because of it's engaging narrative, realistic descriptions of slavery in America, and the powerful female protagonist.   

Once again, here is a book that I've put off that I'll finally get around to reading.  I will do my best do finish it by the end of summer reading!

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