Friday, May 9, 2014

The Reader Digests | Pie!

Who doesn't love pie?  I don't know any librarian that doesn't love pie! That's why this summer, we are going to eat pie! Yes, pie!

We are so determined to keep our kids reading this summer that a few dedicated, brave, and perhaps a little hungry library staff have volunteered to get pied!

What is getting pied, exactly? This is getting pied....

You are probably wondering what this is all about.  

Who is going to pie us?  
KIDS, that's who!  

Children at the Chavez, Manteca, and Ripon Libraries will get a chance to pie their library staff under these conditions:

2,500 total books must be logged and read by children at the branch during this year's Summer Reading Program! (Fizz! Boom! Read! June 1 through July 31)
The person must be a child who has completed the program and turned in their reading log.
After 2,500 books are read, the child's name will be drawn at random.
"The Pie-ing" (Doesn't it sounds like a horror movie?) will take place at the last children's Summer Reading Program event at each branch, on July 31.
Kids will pie either Suzy at Chavez (she likes Banana Cream!), Rena at Manteca, Melinda at Ripon, or Tara at Ripon (I'll take Coconut Cream please!).

Starting June 1, read those books and bring on the pie, kids!!! Yummy!


  1. What a fun idea!!!
    Just be careful! The Principal at my daughter's school (Sutherland Elementary) was pied a few years ago and he received a bloody (but not broken) nose for his efforts.
    Maybe you guys can try a dunking booth next time? LOL!!!

  2. I love this! My preference is most definitely Banana Cream. Key lime or Lemon Merangue may sting because it's citrus!!

  3. Eek! We will definitely be careful and make sure that the pie throwers know that they need to "throw" (but more like smash) gently. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I should be worried. I know I should be worried. But the thought of a whole banana cream pie all to myself eclipses the worry! C'mon readers!! I am ready!!