Tuesday, May 6, 2014

4 Kids | Famous Celebrities Share Favorite Childhood Books

That's right! Today I will share with you some of the favorite childhood books of celebrities. Perhaps a title or two will strike your fancy and you'll pick up a copy at your next trip to the Library! I hope you do!

But why, you may wonder, am I interested in what famous people read as children? 

I just came across a new-ish non-fiction book entitled The Book That Will Make You Love Books, by Francoize Boucher. I must admit: the title very much intrigued me. So I opened it up and immediately started laughing out loud. It's a quick, cartoon-filled book filled with little tidbits about the benefits of reading:

If you love a book you can read it over and over thousands of times, but, if you love chocolate, you can only eat the same bar once.

Sometimes, a book is like a lamp: it sheds light on life's great questions.

Although there is a lot to chuckle at, there is also some very valid information about the benefits of reading. And by that, I mean reading a lot! Check it out and read it for yourself!!

In the meantime, as promised, favorite childhood books of famous celebrities. And by famous celebrities, I do mean famous local celebrities. You knew that, right?

As a child, Lori Gilbert, Record Columnist, loved A Fly Went By by Marshall McClintock because of the pictures and the way the story repeats. Hint: You'll find this one in the Easy Reader section!

Another celebrity -- Bill Maxwell, Archives Manager at the Bank of Stockton and longtime Friends of the Stockton Public Library Board Member -- loved The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf because of illustrations like this:

Our last celebrity is none other than Chris Freeman, our City Librarian. Mr. Freeman's favorite childhood book is Magician by Raymond E. Feist, a Tolkien-esque saga that features two pre-teen boys (instead of Hobbits) in a fast-paced and fantastical world full of elves, dwarves, "dark" elves, and (even!) aliens! Man oh man I want to read that one! That title was actually published in two volumes here in the good ole United States. And we have one of them: Magician, Master.

So let's get reading! What do you say? Thanks to our celebrities, we've got some good recommendations!

Happy Reading!

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