Friday, April 4, 2014

The Reader Digests | Fried Chicken and Waffles

One of my favorite things about traveling is discovering new places to eat.  About a month ago, I went to Phoenix and was looking for something close by the ASU Downtown campus.  Lo and behold, Lo-lo's Chicken and Waffles was just down the road. Now, I had never tried this fried sweet and salty combo before, but I'll try pretty much any food once - no food discrimination here.  My friends thought it sounded gross.  Really, what's odd about it?  We eat chicken fried steak for breakfast, we dip bacon in maple syrup, we pair fruit and meat all the time, and we coat pretzels with chocolate. So, what's so weird about fried chicken and waffles?  Nothing! It's delicious!  We all loved it!
Where did this scrumptious creation come from?  Who was the genius who put this together for the very first time? Well, according to The History Kitchen, the first chicken-waffle mixers were the Pennsylvania Dutch.  However, the first FRIED chicken and waffles were served up at the Wells Supper Club in Harlem, New York around 1938. And the fried part is key, in my opinion.  Ann and John Wells served up the delicious combo to late night diners such as Sammy Davis Jr., and Nat King Cole.  The meal was perfect for binner, dreakfast, supfast, or brupper - the meal between dinner/supper and breakfast. I have no idea if any of those are real terms, but if someone takes them, I said it first!

The book was adapted to film - twice!
The Wells Supper Club closed down after a 40-year run, but you can still find plenty of chicken and waffle restaurants all over the United States. Some of the closest to SSCJPL are Gussie's Chicken and Waffles (SF), Home of Chicken and Waffles (Oakland), and Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles (LA Area).  
And, you can even find Chicken and Waffles in the library!  Pick up a copy of Mildred Pierce by James M. Cain, a 1941 book about (among other things) a single mother during the Great Depression who successfully opens up chicken and waffle restaurants in the LA area. Or, pick up a couple cookbooks about fried chicken and waffles and make some of your own! 


  1. I LOVE chicken and waffles. You just have to explain to people that they're 2 different entrees on the same plate. It's not a chicken waffle. Though... people DO eat bacon waffles and bacon pancakes!

  2. My Mom would make cornmeal waffles for dinner and serve them with a meat entree, yum. Is this blog supposed to make you hungry? if so, it's a success!!