Monday, March 31, 2014

Just Life | Library Treasure Chest

If this library is a treasure box, then non-fiction books are the precious stones of this treasure chest.

Nonfictions are the books that teach us how to cook, how to play the piano, how to tile a floor, or how to speak French. 

Nonfictions tell you what to eat to lower your blood pressure or what exercises to do to alleviate your arthritis.

Nonfiction books run this country.

Did you know that you can download free nonfiction audiobooks from our library Overdrive

Right now, I am listening to: Focus:use different ways of seeing the world for success and influence. I downloaded this audio book from the library Overdrive to my smartphone. 

If you have a smartphone, consider downloading the Overdrive Media console app to it and you can listen to audiobooks for free. All your need is your library card number & pin number. 

So, what do you fancy to learn today?

Signing off unitl next Monday- Panteha

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