Thursday, March 13, 2014

Book Bucket List | Disney's Frozen and The Snow Queen

Elsa says, "Pin please!"
Disney's latest animated film, Frozen, is a huge hit.  It was released on November 27, 2013 and is still in theaters.  I can't remember when a movie is being released on DVD and the film is still being shown. One of our patrons was kind enough to make us a paper doll of the character Elsa, and boy is she popular.  We get patrons of all ages asking us : a.) If they can have her.  b.) If they can buy her. c.) Who made her and if they're selling her.  So obviously Frozen fever is still around.

So if you're a Frozen fan, here are some fun facts about the movie:
  • The character of Elsa was originally supposed to be the film's villain, but the song "Let It Go" was so inspiring that they didn't want to give the song to a villain.  The producers reworked the entire story so that Elsa is innocent and at the mercy of her powers.
  • A lot of Olaf's lines were improvised to make the filmmakers laugh.
  • The characters Hans, Kristof, Anna, and Sven were named after Hans Christian Anderson.  If you say the names quickly, they sound like Hans Christian Anderson!
  • Tangled's Flynn Rider and Rapunzel make a cameo appearance during Anna's "For the First Time in Forever".

Something that not everyone knows about Frozen is that it has been an idea floating around the Disney vault for years.  It has had numerous names and crews that haven't worked out..  They were basing the story on Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen.  We have many versions of this in our system, so be sure to check out the original Frozen story!  We also have non-Disney adaptations of this story, like the picture book The Snow Queen: a retelling of the fairy tale.

Disney has also uploaded the Academy Award winning song "Let it go" to their youtube channel.  You can enjoy it below!

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