Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Wanderlust Librarian | Thanksgiving Time

The big day is here with lots to eat
and after the feast, you'll be tired and beat.

But now, my dear readers, I think you should know
that I'm writing my blog (and I hope it doesn't blow)

I'm off to the City, the one by the Bay.
Not THAT one, the other... the one called San Jose.

The meal will be small, a decent repast
if you read my previous blog won't be a turkey blast.

Potatoes, sweet corn, pumpkin pie and prime rib
It's simple and delicious (I don't want to be glib).

I can't wait to relax after cooking all day
My boredom will be quelled, "Let's play video games", I'll say!

Of course, it won't jibe with the family dynamic,
my brother will whine for'll be awesome fantastic!

This holiday is one that is dear to my heart,
I'll spend it with my family, not shopping at a mart.

I'm thankful and happy for everything so dear.
To my readers, thank you for reading my blog for over a year! 

I wish you the best of your eating endeavors.
And from the Bloggess to you,

Have the Best Holiday Ever! 

The Library Bloggess


  1. Your Seuss-ish poetics are heartfelt and true.
    I think what's in order is to be thankful for YOU!