Monday, October 14, 2013

Just Life| True Ghost Stories

The other day, I asked my co-workers if they have ever seen a ghost, thinking that they would email me back telling me to get my head examined.

But to my surprise, they emailed me with their true ghost stories.

After reading their true ghost stories, I was totally freaked out.

So, ghosts apparently do exist.

The next night, I was driving home from Sacramento after midnight and during that entire drive, I was imagining that there was a ghost in my passenger seat.

So, without further ado, here are my co-workers' real ghost stories.

Kathy's ghost story:

It was after midnight. I was 6 years old. I was asleep. I heard a noise outside my bedroom window. The curtains in my room were old and tattered. I looked out the window to see where the noise was coming from. OUT POPPED A GHOST. I froze. It said "Hi" with a slight smile. I thought I was looking at Casper the friendly ghost. I said hi and went back to sleep. The next day my mother replaced my curtains with a sheet.

Marnie's ghost story:

I went to The American International School of Zurich in an old nunnery in Kilchberg, Switzerland. The school was rumored to have a ghost, but I was skeptical until the day I saw him.

I was a senior. We were just coming back from an annual three day skiing trip way up in the Alps. I piled out of the bus first and in through the giant old wooden front door of the vestibule.

There in front of me was a kindly old man, nicely dressed in a suit, and looking utterly shocked at the site of me. The only problem was that he had a semi-opaque quality about him. I just stood there ten feet away and studied him in an equally shocked stupor.

He started for the doorway to the Director's Office. I curiously followed. Just as he rounded the corner toward the office, he seemed to have gone through a door, but there stood only a wall after he vanished.

Maybe I was deliriously tired. Maybe not. But, I too, saw the ghost of the AISZ nunnery.

Fatima's ghost story:

My brother's ex mother-in-law, whenever she visited them, she didn't want to leave her bedroom in the morning. But she was the type of person, who liked to wake up early and make breakfast for everyone. But at my brother's house, she would wait until others were awake and out of their rooms before leaving hers.

We asked her one day, why she changed her schedule at my brother's house?

She said that in the early morning, whenever she came out of her room and entered the living room, the lazy-boy recliner would be rocking, and then would turn towards her.

My grandma's favorite grandchild was my brother. When she was alive, she used to visit my brother's house and sit and rock in that recliner.

Fatima's 2nd ghost story:
I was walking home from the 3rd grade one day. I remember it was hot, and it was a 3 block walk. By the time I entered the house, I had a horrible headache.

My older brother was watching TV, my mom had company, and they were in the kitchen, so I walked to my bedroom and lay down on the bed. I left my door open and my brother was sitting on the couch and he could see the hallway and my bedroom door. My head was hurting so bad, I started to cry.  

After a few minutes, I saw a shadow in the doorway. The shadow was completely black, and started walking toward me. I realized that the shape of the shadow was of my uncle who passed away 5 years ago. He still walked with a limp.

But I couldn't see him, only the shape of him and he was all black. I stopped crying. I watched the shadow come close to the bed, bend over, the arm and hand reached toward me and touched my head. And then it disappeared. I blinked. My headache was gone.

I ran outside to the living room and yelled at my brother... "Why didn't you come to me? Didn't you see someone come into my room?"

He said, "I thought Dad was with you?"

This really happened to me. I was 7 years old

Beverly's ghost story:

The B&M Building on Channel street in Stockton it is said to be haunted. People working or visiting the building have reported seeing a woman in the building from time to time. They called her Lydia.

Kathleen's ghost story:

My brother and his wife were in an older cemetery in the East when they drove past by some oddly dressed people near one of the grave sites. They seemed to have on clothing from another era, like civil war times.

He noted that there were no other people nor any other cars nearby and wondered how they had gotten there.

He drove on and then still being curious about them, he came back around and drove past the same spot a couple of minutes later. 

No one was anywhere to be seen. It made his skin crawl and he wonders about them to this day.  

Were they ghosts?  You be the judge.

Signing off until next Monday- Panteha


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  1. Ooooo...creeepy! I was nervous about sharing my ghost stories, but now that I see others' stories, I think it would be okay. My husband was in the Navy when we met, so we lived in Navy housing. Many families have lived in these homes, and some of them date from WWII days. In one place, there was an older gentleman who liked to sit on our old couch on the front porch and look out over the desert at China Lake, CA. I would see him from the corner of my eye a couple of times a week..Then, after living in various places where I would feel someone coming up behind me and then turn to see no one there, we lived in the house we do now. A few years ago our hallway became haunted. Really! It was so bad, I couldn't walk down the hall until I had turned the light on and could SEE what was there (nothing, of course! Not with the light on...) Anyway, I finally worked up my courage to ask the ghost to leave. And, she did! Sometimes you only have to ask, I guess!