Monday, July 29, 2013

Just Life | Quick! Someone Gets Married

Losing weight is painfully hard. The last time that I successfully lost some weight was for my brother's wedding and because, I went on the Atkins diet and killed myself at the gym.

So I was wondering if another wedding can force me to lose some weight again. I particularly want to lose my belly. 

The Atkins diet is pretty successful if you stick to it.  But I had to avoid all the foods that I really liked such as white bread, pasta, chocolate and of course sugar. 

While I was on Atkins, I ate so many hard boiled eggs that I would get nauseated at just the sight of them.

So I quit Atkins and unfortunately, slowly but surely, I have gained all of that weight back.

Eating is one of the most satisfying pleasures in life. Don't you agree?

A perfect day for me is the following:

A spotless house + A good book + A Chocolate cake/Cup cake + Chips + Coffee

I need a very big dose of self control. I keep hearing about the importance of replacing a bad habit with a good one. It is easy to say, but impossible for me to execute. Honestly, who wants to eat a celery stick instead of chocolate cake?

To help me add more self control to my crazy eating habits, I am listening to this free audio book that I have downloaded from our library Overdrive. It is called "Making habits, Breaking habits". It is giving me some clues as to why I eat the way I do.

As the author Dean Jeremy says" habit change is not a sprint, it is a marathon". It is ironic, I am a good sprinter but I can't run a mile to save my life.


If you have any realistic advice about how to lose weight and keep it off, please let me know.

For now, I am going back to gym again. I am just crossing my fingers that I can lose some weight without going back to Atkins again.

Just wish me luck.

Foodist : using real food and real science to lose weight without dieting  

Your food is fooling you

Thinner this year : a younger next year book  

Signing off until next Monday- Panteha

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  1. Here's one suggestion that I think helps: be aware of what you are eating, never hurry a snack or a meal. You tend to eat less and start to feel full while you are eating.