Tuesday, July 23, 2013

4 Kids | So Much To Do

It's Tuesday, July 23. Could summer vacation from school be coming to an end already? Don't despair! There's still plenty of time -- and plenty of things -- to do!

Today -- and any day -- check out the SSJCPL Calendar of Events. From our website, click on the News & Events tab and then on the calendar. You can search by library branch too, by the way.

So what's happening today?

The Mountain House Branch Library hosts the Shedskin Reptile Show today at 4 pm. Take it from me: you don't want to miss this one! Jeff and crew bring an amazing bunch of reptiles, including an anaconda, to inform and amaze any and every body! I highly recommend it. 

Feeling creative? Check out the Tracy Branch Library today at 4 pm for a sports mobile making program. 

And there's more! The Cesar Chavez Central Library hosts The Corny Crow Show, which is ventriloquist Steve Chaney and his puppet sidekick Cornelius Crow and all their hilarious antics. The program is at 4 pm, and everyone is invited.

So visit your public library! Check out some books! Attend a program! We're always happy to greet you!

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