Monday, May 6, 2013

Just Life | Panteha On Vacation

I am super organized right before a vacation. If I used the same principal in all aspects of my life, I would be a superwoman. I tell you. 

Here is my secret weapon: A couple of weeks before my trip, I type up all the things that I need to take or things to do before the trip and as I accomplish each task, I cross it off from my list. I learned that art from my mom. 

Ok, I am really organized right before a vacation, but I also carry too much stuff on my trips. I usually have the biggest pieces of luggage. My husband on the other hand, carries the smallest piece and it seems like he never runs out of anything on a trip. He has a minimalistic approach and he is content with having less on a vacation. 

Not me.

When I go on vacation, I need to have all the comfort of my home. So if it means taking the bathroom air Freshener with me, so be it.

I recently went on a short vacation with my family. But with the amount of preparation and stuff that I was taking with me, you would have thought that I was preparing for an expedition to Mount Everest. 

I always over prepare for my vacations. The result is that I always have extra food, extra clothes, extra blankets and extra everything in case of an emergency. With the food that I carry, I can feed even another family.

For example, I am pretty sure that I would have changed the course of world history if Napoleon had asked me to be in charge of his troops' logistics when he decided to invade Russia. I would have made sure that his entire troop had enough food and water and even enough clean undergarments to last them until their trip back to France.

I am not kidding. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little.

I think my opposite is my cousin who went on a backpacking trip to Europe and took only one backpack and fit all her stuff in it.

I am clueless about how she did it. I suspect that she might have gotten some help from Harry Potter.

There is a down side to my over preparedness. I can't do anything the last minute. I need plenty of advance notice to get ready.

I also have to pay tons of money every time I fly since I am unable to fit everything into one piece of luggage.

So I tell you, for me, any last minute trip to Florence is out of the question. 

How about you?

Signing off until next Monday- Panteha

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  1. PPJ- I have to plan every outfit down to the undies because otherwise I get somewhere and I have 45 pairs of socks and no shoes. Also, I don't eat much but I tend to pack 4532465 pounds of food. Like I am going to turn into an eater just because I am away from home. p