Thursday, May 9, 2013

Book Bucket List | The Westing Game

I love any kind of puzzle, riddle, or word game.  Once I see or hear one, I will go crazy until I either figure it out or cheat and look up the answer.  (I won't say which happens more often...) So when a coworker was telling me about Ellen Raskin's The Westing Game, I was immediately interested.

 After mega multimillionaire dies, 16 heirs are called together to compete against each other for his $200 million dollar estate.  They are put into pairs and given clues about who murdered Mr. Westing.  And don't get me wrong, this may be labeled as a children's book, but man, is this game hard!  The key here is attention to detail, and a basic knowledge of patriotic songs.  I think that the game played in this book would make an excellent reality TV show. It would be similar to the Amazing Race, but every challenge would involve impossible riddles and brain teasers... but the prize wouldn't be $200 million... that's too much even for network shows.

I read this book really quickly... I couldn't put it down because I wanted to figure out the answer to this great mystery.

So I will leave you with this riddle:  Two mothers and two daughters walk into the library, and each check out a book.  Why were only three books checked out?


  1. Answer: Three generations.

  2. Because it's 3 generations--a grandmother, mother, and daughter

  3. Nice review. I think I got the riddle, too. One of the mothers was the daughter of the other mother. Clever.