Thursday, May 2, 2013

Book Bucket List | Dead Ever After

May 7th is a big day for True Blood fans!  Charlaine Harris is release her latest, and last(!), Sookie Stackhouse book. I would always dread the day that this series would end, and it is almost over!  The series follows the life and loves of Miss Sookie Stackhouse and all of the craziness she goes through in her little town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. 

The last book left everything on a bit of a cliffhanger.  Sookie was fighting for her relationship with Eric, her tall, pale, and handsome vampire boyfriend.  Vampire politics was forcing him into a sort of arranged marriage, and Sookie, for whatever reason, had the power of one wish to change everything.  Turns out, Sookie uses it, in the heat of the moment, for another purpose, and she is left with the consequences.

In this book, Sookie is still dealing with a ticked-off Eric and is actually framed for murder.  Since it is the last in the series, I really, really, really hope that they wrap things up in a way that is satisfying.  Here's my bet for how it ends:

Sookie comes across all of her previous boyfriends and love interests while she is trying to find the person who committed the murder she is accused of committing. (How many murders can one series have??)  In the end however, after finding the murderer and solving everything, Sookie picks Sam, her loyal best friend and former boss.

That's my prediction.  I honestly hope she ends up with Eric, because I like him the best ( =P) but I think Charlaine Harris will leave her with someone stable.  I've heard that she is also going to publish another Bon Temps-verse book that will explain what has happened to all of the other characters in the series.  This would be awesome, and prevent the internet from exploding over if Bill ever found happiness or not, or if Jason could ever stay in a relationship, or if the werewolves or vampires could ever really get along.  I hope this actually happens!

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  1. What?!?! Say it's not so. The last book... bad enough I'm waiting forever for the next Game of Thrones but the LAST book. Wow. Maybe now I'll get lucky and she'll go back to writing her Harper Connelly because that too is a great series.