Monday, October 22, 2012

Professor O | Batman: Hush

Professor O here, with one of the best Batman stories I have read in a long time, courtesy of the SSJCPL. If you can get your hands on this gem, it will reward the reader with one one of the most enjoyable of The Dark Knight's daring exploits.  

Batman: Hush, written by Jeph Loeb (of Superman/Batman fame), with art by the incomparable, Jim Lee (X-Men) is a fine tale, and a worthy adventure for our caped crusader. If one ever wants to see the Batman at his very best, it is in this story arc. The reader will enjoy looking at the Batman's gadgets, and Jim Lee's art is fantastic at showing the technological do-dad's of what The Dark Knight employs in his battle against crime. Professor O loves night vision and HUD's (that's Head's Up Display, for you non professor types).

With appearances by Superman, Nightwing, Catwoman, and my personal friend, The Joker, Hush is not to be missed. Professor O, who is very fond of armored vehicles and fast cars, feels the Batmobile looks great with Jim Lee's futuristic, anime/manga inspired style. What is your take? Batman: Hush is a wonderful story and one of the modern classic tales of The Dark Knight. 

Go grab this comic at your local SSJCPL, and while you are there, do yourself a favor and finish the story off in Batman: Hush Vol. 2

Until the next time, fellow adventurer, be ever vigilant, read on, and Professor O will continue to bring you tales of daring and excitement from your library! Tough work!

Did I mention Batman and Superman fight?  Spoiler: Batman wins, of course.

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