Friday, October 26, 2012

Food, Food, Food | Meet Mr. Burt Reynolds

So my blog is about food, but I am going to bore you with stories about my dogs from time to time so I thought I might introduce them to you.
Burt Reynolds, the human
My oldest dog is a sweet, fat, Border Collie mix named Mr.  Burt Reynolds.  He recently turned 7.  He lives with me and two female dogs that you will meet in the future.  He has had many other girlfriends as he is aptly named.  His favorite activities include sleeping, eating, sleeping, kissing me, sleeping and what we call basically: “Reynolds-ing.”  The “Reynolds-ing” primarily includes him barking and destroying my living room window sills. 

This dog talk has made me wonder what you pet owners do for food for your animals?   I buy food but one of my good friends makes food for her dog.  We have books at the library for people who want recipes for food for their dogs.  I am hardly capable of cooking for myself and my imagined dinner partner  George Clooney. 

Check these out:

Something else to remember in case reading about Mr. Burt Reynolds has made you wonder about the movie star he shares a name with is our Biography Database: Biography in Context.  It’s a great place to learn things like Burt’s middle name (Leon) and about how many movies and television shows he’s been in (a lot!) 
See you next week when you will read about the adventures of one Mazie Reynolds.  (My dogs share a surname that is not my own.)

Picture courtesy of Mr. Blog's Tepid Ride

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