Monday, November 2, 2015

Just Life| Piggie says " I Really Like Slop!"

Mo Willems is one of my favorite children authors. The kids love his books.

Mo Willems just published a new easy reader book called," I Really Like Slop!". 

So here is the basis of the story:

Piggie the pig, is cooking a pretty smelly concoction and is asking Gerald the elephant to taste it.

I am not gonna reveal anything else about this book, let's just say that sometimes we all do crazy things for our friends. 

The Elephant & Piggie books are perfect for k-2 graders. 

To be honest, anyone who likes to read would enjoy these books. As my daughter says; " these books are just funny". As simple as that. 

And we all could use some fun to brighten our days.

Here are some other easy readers by Mo Willems:

We are in a book

I will take a nap!

The pigeon needs a bath!

Here is also a chapter book by this author published in October of this year that is perfect for the older kids.

The story of Diva and Flea

Signing off until next Monday- Panteha

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