Thursday, June 11, 2015

She's Crafty | More Fun With Felt

This cute little guy is Fred.

Say, "Hello!" Fred...

Fred the Fox is a new furry friend I needle felted with the aid of a kit. You can read more about Fred's origin story in this post, Needle Felting.

It took me quite a few pokes of my felting needle to get a feel for this technique and I am grateful that we had the book, Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Fuzzy Felted Friends by Saori Yamazaki available for checkout. Without Fuzzy Felted Friends, I would have had a tough time troubleshooting a few issues I faced while making Fred.

I also checked YouTube for some tips and tricks and found some really amazing tutorials there. The one below is a favorite. The YouTube channel Gypsy Felting has many great needle felting videos along with other felting techniques as well.

Needle felting is a lot of fun and there are a LOT of things you can make with this technique. I've seen needle felted scarves, hats, purses, paintings--yes paintings--really, anything goes.

Continuing the felt theme, let me tell you about felties or felt plushies.

A few years back I got into making hand-embroidered felt dolls, which a lot of crafters refer to as felties or in a more general sense as being a soft doll, plushies. They are incredibly cute and incredibly easy, or potentially incredibly easy, and the patterns are fairly easy to find. Most of the patterns I look for myself are really simple. For me, the simplicity of the design is part of the charm.

Dinosaur felties of the internet!

The felties I go nuts for making are fairly flat, with just a hint of three-dimensional shaping, if any. The shape that you cut out of your flat piece of felt is usually the entire outline of your doll. Contrasting thread is often, but not always, used to highlight the stitching instead of trying to hide it. Before the last few stitches are made, a bit of stuffing is added.

Meet Foxy and Raccoon. Photo by katejf. Some rights reserved.

Felt is one of my favorite mediums to play with. It's fairly cheap to purchase, easy to work with, and can do so many very cool things! Give felt a try in your next project. 

Here's a short list of what we have at the library having to do with the wonderful world of felt:

Looky here, I even found a few books about making felties through Link+:

And this one you can get from one of our branches:
Well, I hope you are enjoying your summer and keeping cool! Don't forget to come on down to your local branch and pick up your Every Hero Has a Story Summer Reading Challenge log, catch a program, find out what your town is doing for the summer, and find your next fantastic summer story to read. We want to help you have an awesome summer!

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