Monday, June 22, 2015

Just Life| Permission to toss is granted !

I am in the cleaning mood these days. I have been reading the " Life changing magic of tidying up" by Marie Kondo. Somehow reading this book has given me permission to throw stuff away. Even useful stuff. And it has taken the guilt out of it.

I am hoping that at the end of this magical journey, I would have a much more organized and peaceful place to call home. A clutter free home is a relaxing and welcoming home. And I would like to own such a place.

So far, I have tackled my walking closet, the laundry room closets, and a few drawers. Now, I keep going to the laundry room to open those once crammed closets and I feel so proud.

The message of this book is "don't feel guilty about throwing away stuff". 

There is also a couple of cardinal rules that I have learned so far. Don't you ever let your mom see you throwing stuff away. Don't take the liberty of throwing away other people's stuff. Let them find the light on their own. :) 

The author also recommends starting this purge by category. For example, start by throwing away the clothes that you don't want. Hold each item of clothing and see how you feel about it. Then you can decide to toss or donate .

Reading this book has taken the guilt out of throwing stuff away and it is so liberating. 

So, if your house if bursting with stuff, read this book and start de-cluttering.

And here are some books on this topic:

Signing off until next Monday- Panteha

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