Friday, March 27, 2015

Award-Winning Reads | Care to Meet a Winner?

Hello Everyone!
I want to let all you award-winning book lovers know that there is an easy, convenient way to meet and connect with attractive, intelligent, eligible books - books that will leave you remembering them long after you close the covers (but no promises)! It's the library catalog's page for Recommended Reading

The Recommended Reading list has a sampling of some of the most popular prizes. It includes awards for various genres (e.g., Mystery, Science Fiction, Children's), so no matter what type you like, you might just find "the one" for you. Simply pick an award/prize that catches your eye, and browse the selection of carefully chosen champions to your corazon's content (I'm not ashamed to admit that along with award -winners, I also appreciate alliteration).

You can click on a title to get details about a particular item, "keep" them to add to your personal list, or see if they're available. If they're not immediately available (because of being simply oh-so popular and such), you can "place hold" on them and then when they're ready and waiting for you, you'll get a phone call or email to check them out and take them home to enjoy. 

aawiki_logo.pngAnd don't worry about the wait, because some of the best things in life are worth the wait, right? Right! Some of the best things in life are also free, right? Right again! (Glad we agree. You're so smart)! Guess what? Library items are both!

If you want a more comprehensive list of award-winners, take a peek at the Award Annals website. Just click on an award and select the year you want to look at under "Annals." Whatever your tastes, I hope you find an award-winning, perennial favorite.

Next week, find out about one of mine. A boy. A monster. A mom. And a haunting truth.

Until next time, have a good reading!

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