Tuesday, February 3, 2015

She's Crafty | BiblioCraft

Ahem, you just have to listen to the full title of this book I will be talking about in today's post:

BiblioCraft: A Modern Crafter's Guide to Using Library Resources to Jumpstart Creative Projects.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? And it is.

BiblioCraft by Jessica Pigza is about finding inspiration for a craft project from library resources. This is not a book that will direct you to craft books about a specific craft with information that guides you through a craft, step-by-step. BiblioCraft shows you how to comb special collections found at the library for inspiration with multiple projects to illustrate just how to do this.

How a type specimen book can help you find that perfect background shape for a greeting card.

How marbled endpapers from a collection found at the New York Public Library is the inspiration for a fabric pencil pouch.

How a book that collects animal watermarks inspired Pigza to create Watermark Pillows, which are cool in more ways than one because there is a story behind each image. It's not just any old rooster, it's a rooster that was used by a papermaker in the Spanish city of Orihuela in the fifteenth-century!

BiblioCraft features over twenty projects to guide you through the possibilities--the endless, wondrous possibilities. Pigza gives you the information needed to plot a course through the collections at a library, what to keep in mind when it comes to copyright laws, digital library offerings, and a handy list of recommended library collections from around the world. If you think what your next project needs is a little bit of library style, click here to find a copy at one of our branches. I highly recommend a peek!


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