Tuesday, December 2, 2014

She's Crafty | Wreaths

For a few years I worked for a Christmas light company as a wreath decorator. From October to the end of November, I fluffed artificial greenery, troubleshooted lighting issues, attached jingles, jangles, ornaments and other sparkly bits, and made more bows than a single person should ever make in their entire lifetime. I even shocked myself for the love of decorating wreaths. Literally shocked myself, like, with electricity.

60" wreath decorated on the job.

Also, I think my love for wreaths might slightly shock my loved ones. Here's the evolution of my passion for wreaths:

The second year I worked for the light company I decided to take advantage of my intermediate decorating skills and bought my own pre-lit 30" wreath.  I followed that purchase up with a pile of frosty, silvery, and bird related decorations. After I found what my mom considered way too much stuff, I found more and even got some mini mirror balls to squeeze in between the boughs.

Each year after that, I've bought a few things to stick into my wreath and mix up the items I already have or I go wild with a new theme. Now I have a fleet of wreaths that I roll out for the holidays and they do different things. One wreath I made into a Countdown to Christmas decoration. One year I decorated a wreath with our greeting cards. Annnd one year I made ten little undecorated wreaths to hang in a large window.

My first wreath to hang at home.

Now, every time my mother and I go craft shopping during the winter months she politely reminds me, "You know you have plenty of wreath stuff to play with already, right?" I ignore her concerns and usually buy a cart full of glittery picks in a new color scheme and take a few days to agonize over the final designs.

Wreaths fascinate me and maybe they fascinate you too? If that is an emphatic YES! then check these books out from your local branch, my fellow wreath enthusiasts:
You can even make some easy origami wreaths if you feel so inclined by visiting these links:

Origami Wreath Tutorial on Domesticali's Typepad.
The Teaching and Learning post on the Mary & Patch blogspot shows you how to make a unique and beautiful origami wreath. Comes with a video tutorial!
Happy Crafting!
Malia and Kaye

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