Monday, November 3, 2014

Just Life! What a Halloween

I had a very interesting Halloween. Who knew that a few tiny slices of pineapple can create so much chaos.

Ari and Vida in front of a haunted house.

Let me explain:

We just got back from trick-or-treating with our friends Zari and Vida. I put two pizzas in the oven and in the process, a few pineapples rolled from one of the pizzas to the bottom of the oven.

I tried to get them out but, two pineapples were at the very end of the oven so, I ignored them. That was a big mistake.

A few minutes later, grey smoke started oozing out of the oven. Then our smoke detectors started going off. I tried to fan the smoke detectors to no avail.

Then, I ran upstairs assuring my half asleep husband (who was trying to take a few hours of sleep before his midnight shift) that everything was alright. I explained that the house was not really on fire, but my kitchen was being swallowed by smoke. That is all. 

Then, I ran downstairs trying to fan the stupid smoke detectors again with no success. Meanwhile, my friends and my aunt opened all the doors and windows trying to help me out.

My daughter Ari and her friend Sadie were both trying to help me out too by fanning the smoke detectors with Sadie's foam Minecraft sword.

Nothing worked. The alarms were still screeching.

Then...wait for it...wait for it.

Yup, you guessed it...

The Fire department showed up at my door. I had to explain to these fire fighters who were all geared up for action that it was a false alarm. That was so embarrassing.

What a night. I tell you.

Apparently our Alarm company called the Fire department after being unable to reach us.

But, I am so thankful to our alarm company and to the Stockton Fire Department. 

The Fire truck was in front of our house in a matter of minutes. Thank you for such a fast response. I am very grateful.

If you need some excitement in your life, just come to your local library to check out some heart pumping Mysteries.

Signing off until next Monday- Panteha

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