Monday, August 25, 2014

Just Life| I Survived The Shark Attack of 1916

The other day, my daughter called me at work to ask me if I can bring her home a few " I Survived" book series.

What series, I asked her. " I survived series mom, I survived series."

I have to confess, I wasn't familiar with that book series. So, I asked her what is so special about these books.

Here was her answer:

"Oh mom, these are the most fun books ever. You also learn at the same time without even knowing it. These books are full of adventures...."

Wow, it sounded really good. We've got to read these books then. I told myself.

Apparently, I was the only human being on earth who didn't know about this book series. When I checked our library catalog that day, all of those books were already checked out. I had to put holds on a few of them and had to wait a few days to get them from other library branches.

But it was all worth it. These books are life savors. 

I am proud to tell you that we just finished " I survived the sinking of the Titanic, 1912". I must confess, that was a pretty darn good book. It is a historical fiction with great facts. Now we are reading "I survived the shark attacks of 1916." 

My daughter didn't want to put down these books last week. When my eyes couldn't stay open due to fatigue, my kid kept reading this book to me and I was listening to her half asleep.

But, she didn't want to put these books down. That is rare in my household.

So, I tell you, for those nights that you prefer to get a root canal instead of wrestling your kid to read for 30 minutes, have a few of these books handy to keep your sanity intact.

I am planning to donate a few of these books to my daughter's classroom. 

These paperbacks are $4.99/each. It is worth buying a few of them for your kid.

Here is my daughter's message for you: " please read these books and you will thank me in the future."

We haven't finished the shark book yet but, I think the combination of the shark week on the Discovery channel and this book, now my daughter believes that there is a great white shark lurking under the bubbles in the bathtub.

I haven't figured out how to solve this problem yet but, I am signing off until next Monday to think about it.

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  1. You got me so interested that I had to read up on the shark attacks of 1916. Pretty scary stuff. I could say it has inspired me to watch the movie Jaws again, but I think I'm too old for scary movies.