Monday, June 10, 2013

Just Life | Help! Zombies Are On The Loose

Welcome to the Zombie Land.

It seems like, everywhere you look, there are traces of these man-eating monsters.

From television programs to books, to movies, we are bombarded by zombies these days. Vampires move over, zombies are taking over.

We even have these hilarious zombie bookmarks at Chavez Reference Desk, courtesy of CA office of traffic safety warning us about these dangerous zombies who are apparently "driving" freely among us.

Let me introduce these zombies to you, maybe you are one of them and haven't realized it yet:
  1. Glam Zombies- Those of you who put on your makeup while driving fall under this category.
  2. Grubbin' Zombies- If you eat and drive at the same time, You fall under this category. (Honestly, who doesn't fall under this category)
  3. Party Zombies- Those of you who dance while driving are definitely Party Zombies.
  4. Day-Dreaming Zombies- Those of us who pay attention to everything on the road except driving fall under this category.
So be aware! 

Zombies are everywhere and anywhere even in your library. 

If you want to have one of these zombie bookmarks, come to the Chavez Reference Desk.  


Are you a fan of the Walking Dead television series? Did you know that it is based on the comic books by Robert Kirkman?

Here are a few of his books if you want to test-drive them:

The walking dead. Book 1

The walking dead : rise of the Governor 

I just finished reading Warm Bodies. It is a love story between a zombie and an ordinary girl. It is the perfect book if you don't have anything else to read. Its' movie adaptation just came out too. I tried to watch it one late night while falling in and out of sleep. The movie had too many scary skeletons. I stopped watching it and instead had nightmares that entire night. 

I tell you. I am so fearless.

There is also another zombie movie on the horizon called World War Z. It is based on the novel World War Z : an oral history of the zombie war by Max Brooks. The movie is coming out on June 21st.

Who knows, maybe I am gonna gather up my courage and read this book. I might even go and watch the movie with my dear husband who thrives on scary movies & books.
So tell me what Zombie books are you reading nowadays?

Signing off until next Monday- A Grubbin' Zombie

And don't forget to bite into a good book until next time.

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