Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Learning | Running


If you are not familiar with the 1991 winner of the Newbery Award, you're in for a treat. Maniac Magee tells the tale of orphan Jeffery Magee's quest for a home.  He loves to run (and wake up early and do the dishes!) 

It turns out he has a talent making friends--and bringing people together. Jeffery has been miserable living with his aunt and uncle, so he leaves. He arrives in a segregated town, with black people and white people living on different sides. He appears to belong on the white side of town--but he is accepted on both sides.

There's humor in the story, and a satisfying ending.  This story would be best for children ages 8-12. It can also be a good choice for reluctant readers.


Jeffery Magee used running in a positive way.  We all know running can be good for your health, and it can feel great.  But there are some places where running is not a good idea. Running inside the library is a bad idea.  It disturbs people who are trying to read, use the computer or do homework.  It is also dangerous.  We don't want our customers to get hurt. Please walk in the library. 

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