Friday, January 25, 2013

Guest Blogger | What Are You Reading?

“What are you reading?” conversations between library users and staff often evolve to include whether or not the author’s latest book is up to his/her usual standards.   If a book has been or is being made into a movie, how do we feel about the actors selected to portray our favorite characters? 

As well as giving suggestions for new authors when a customer’s favorites well has run dry, I also receive tips about authors who might interest me.   You know, “If you like…., then you will love….”.

If you enjoy Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series, some great recommendations from our customers include:

The Bricklayer
by Noah Boyd
The Innocent
by David Baldacci

Click on the titles below the book covers to see if your local library carries a copy. Remember, titles can be requested to be sent to your home branch.

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